Friday, April 8, 2016

Week 1 Of My 30 Day Vegan Challenge

The Unexpected

First, I'd like to thank everyone who has been supportive. Strangers, family members, and friends from all over the world have liked, followed, and commented on my daily Instagram posts. It's been fun finding new people to follow too.

It has also been super weird for me to post what I am eating three times a day. While I enjoy posting food when I travel and food that is/was so damn good, posting what I am eating definitely has me feeling vulnerable. Being vulnerable is being human so that's good just in case some of you were out there thinking I am really a brown unicorn.

People also told me that going vegan would make me feel good, this is true and I've been feeling better than I expected. I'll try to explain, have you ever felt really full, like, "OMG, I'm so full right now I can't even..." well going vegan feels like, "Wow, I'm really full and feel really good." This is something you have to experience. If you can't go vegan you might even feel it going vegetarian too.

I'd also like to thank the OG of the "Sharing Economy" the San Francisco Public Library! I have been so inspired to try out numerous recipes I have collected from all of the vegan cookbooks I have checked out.

Spending time at the library was a really fun part of this challenge. I felt like the cookbook colors, food, and titles were screaming, "Take me Josie!" OK maybe they weren't screaming because we were in the library but you get what I'm saying.  

The Questions

Many people have asked me, "Isn't it easy going from Vegetarian to Vegan?"

My answer is yes and no. Yes, because when I stopped eating meat it forced me to get creative and find alternatives. This remains true as I am finding many alternatives to cheese, butter, and eggs as a vegan. And at the same time I can answer no to this question because I really love cheese, butter, and eggs. In the beginning before I started the challenge and even before having my first vegan meal I felt a bit deprived. I love food and going vegan felt like I would have to give up more things that I loved.

And then there were my questions to many people:
"Hi, are there any non-dairy options for my coffee?"
"Hi, I'm doing a 30 Day Vegan Challenge, can you tell me the ingredients for....?
"Hey Josie, do you want some of this?" And me like, "Um, I don't know is it vegan?"

It takes courage to ask these questions, there can be fear to ask because you don't want to become known as "that vegan" or even "that vegetarian." Luckily, people have been super nice and have even congratulated me for doing this challenge.

So that's week one as a vegan! Check in weekly to see if it gets tough or keeps getting better.