Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week 3 Of My 30 Day Vegan Challenge

This week I had some ups and downs with my challenge. Ok let’s start with the downs so I can end this post on a high note.

I’m starting to miss dairy. I’m really over the taste of fake cheese. I bought chocolate ice cream using coconut milk as the base. I was really excited because I love coconut but this wasn’t for me. I didn’t like how the coconut oil covered my mouth and stayed for a really long time. Luckily, I know a vegan who likes this ice cream and will gift this to her.  

Could be down, could be up?
While taking this challenge have discovered new vegan Instagram users. I’ve learned that people choose to become a vegan for different reasons. Some choose for the animals, some choose for the environment, some choose for health. I’ve enjoyed seeing lots of funny memes about being vegan and at the same time I am also exposed to lots of images of animal cruelty.

I care about animals but haven’t felt a deep sense of compassion toward them until now as a vegan. I know it’s contradicting for me to say I feel more compassionate towards animals and still want dairy. It’s really hard once you see the images to justify how we treat cows in order for us to get their milk. I’m really struggling with this. I know there are solutions and want to learn what more I can do.

Speaking of what I just mentioned there are some things I will definitely swap when this challenge is over. Milk and butter are easy swaps for me.

I wrote earlier about the ice cream I disliked but I also found two great ice creams that I will continue to eat after this challenge. I discovered one of the ice creams at the Market on Market this week. They were celebrating their first anniversary and had lot of vendors out sampling their products.

I really enjoyed asking all of the vendors if they offered vegan products for two reasons. The first reason was to share why I am doing this challenge. Many of the vendors were impressed and supportive. The second reason was to put in their minds that there is demand for vegan products.

Sometimes as consumers we forget the power we have to drive the market. When we tell stores about the products we want, and they don’t deliver, they lose our business. We can choose to go to other stores that will offer what we want. Letting stores and vendors know is one way we can drive green products into the mainstream.

This week we, including the animal kingdom, lost an icon. Prince was a vegan and shared, “Compassion is an action word with no boundaries.” Prince said this in response when people would ask him why he was concerned about animals in the face of widespread human suffering. As a child of the 80s with a Mom who loved Prince, I value and respect artists who shine their light to awaken us. Thank you Prince for all of your actions to make our planet a better place.   

That’s week 3! Thanks for reading!