Thursday, June 23, 2016

Around the World Trip

This is my first serious around the world trip! I’ve lived in China and England. But travelling non-stop is something entirely different. After leaving England I went on a mini around the world trip adventure to get home and I’m up for it again! I will be leaving the United States mid July (traveling with my husband) and will return in February 2017.

Here is the list of countries we will visit: Mexico-Cuba-Peru-Brazil-Spain-Greece-Jordan-Egypt-Israel-Italy-Turkey-India-Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam-China-Japan.

And now to those burning questions! 
I’ve complied a list of questions that we repeatedly receive:

How did you plan it? Why did you pick those countries?
We picked countries we’ve always wanted to go to and a few we have already went to but didn’t get to see/do everything the first time around. We also chose countries with cultural historical sites that piqued our interest. There are other countries and experiences on our bucket list and we plan to travel and see them on future two-week vacation time.

Which countries are you most looking forward to?
I’m really excited about all of the ones we picked and I'm really looking forward to Mexico, Cuba, Spain, Italy, India, and China. Mexico to learn more about my culture, Cuba because it will change soon, Spain because I loved it the first time, Italy for the food, India to explore the south, and China because I haven’t been back since I moved in 2010. 

What is the longest amount of time you’ll stay in one country?
We will stay in India and China for one month, Greece for three weeks, and the rest of them range from one-two weeks.

How can you afford to travel like this?
Back in 2014 we had a severe house fire and lost everything. Rather than buying all of the things we had we saved what we received from our renter’s insurance policy to fund this trip. We also found a local company called AirTreks, they specialize in around the world trip tickets. AirTreks did not sponsor this post.

What about your apartment? Will you go back to San Francisco?
We will be giving up our apartment in San Francisco. We will return only if we find our dream jobs here when we return from our trip in 2017.

What about your job?
Our contracts ended, we do not have children, we do not own a home, and we have the rest of our lives to work. Because of what I have listed above it felt like divine timing to live and experience life. And when I think about globalization, climate change, and being healthy and mobile now is the time to not live in fear and see the world. Not to mention I am giving free speaking engagements to any organizations who are interested. 

Do you think you’ll get tired or fatigued?
We learned a lot from our mini around the world trip adventure when we left London. On this trip we have planned enough down time and leisure activities to help stay energized along the way.

What are you packing?
A backpack! That is it, I hate carrying stuff. We are packing super light and will not check in bags. I’ll probably make another post about what exactly I am bringing.

Where will you be staying?
We will stay in a mix of hostels and Airbnbs. Airbnb did not sponsor this post.

What if you get sick?
We always bring a First Aid kit and travel with travelers insurance. Many countries have equal or better health care facilities than here at home.

Are you worried about the Zika Virus?
We are not worried about the Zika virus because we are not planning on having children anytime soon. We have received all of the recommended and required vaccinations for this trip.

Are you sure that fill in the country name is safe?
Everywhere on our planet can be dangerous. The United States is dangerous. We can’t be paralyzed in fear. We know how to be street smart and not get ourselves in dangerous situations. If there is a warning to U.S. citizens advising that we should not travel to a country we will take the advisory seriously. Our travel insurance also covers emergency evacuations.

Do you think you’ll miss home? Seven months is a long time to travel.
I think all travelers at some point miss the familiarity of “home.” I know there will be things I’ll miss and of course my family but this is a lifetime opportunity and luckily the Internet is available to help connect me to those back home.

What will you eat? Isn’t hard to be vegetarians in other countries? 
I will blog about all of the delicious vegetarian dishes we devour in each country, stay tuned.

And on that note I’ll be blogging, Instagram-ing, and Youtube-ing along the way. 
Thanks for joining me on this around the world travel adventure!